Devs abandoning DB?

(Meetrock) #40

@fubar @B_Montiel Everything in DB is TOTALLY FREE, you can buy weapon keys for credits now, the only thing that is paid for with real money is rads, which is actually useless for me. And I keep to my opinion, DB is a free game for years, and everything in it is free, so stop whining about it. If you don’t like how things are going, please uninstall the game and logoff your db forum account and live happily ever after.

The game will improve, and you all will smile from ear to ear.

(Teflon Love) #41

Only if your time is worthless.

But still, after missions were introduced I found the time it took to collect the credits for new merc and to craft a few bronze loadouts for them pretty fair. And even with contracts and the increased credits per minute it still is.

(Floris) #42

Some people give complaints and some people give praises, both because they are passionate about the game. On both sides you have extremes (destructive criticism and unfair positivism) that actually can damage the game by adding noise to the discussion about it. Whether the game is free or not might influence one’s opinion of some parts (for example, some 60$ retail games come with the game RNG as DB has), but I don’t feel like it should block people from giving their opinion.

To be honest, I love the gameplay in 1.0. SD made some mistakes with unstable servers but they were eventually fixed. The biggest problem to me right now is the EV bug and the 3 merc limit (which wasn’t a problem when the game still had only a few mercs).

@B_Montiel I hope that handing the game back to the community means some sort of open source release. I think there are still some members of the community passionate enough about the game to contribute to its development. It probably won’t revive the game, but at least it’d be a nice gesture.

(DarkangelUK) #43

The problem with all these people asking for the source or an SDK is that i suspect most of them won’t actually be doing anything with it, they’ll just be hoping that other people will do the work they want done. I would be genuinely curious to see what type of things they could come up with if it was released, I suspect if it truly left SD’s hands then progression, unlocks, cards etc would be removed, all mercs unlocked for all and servers being community only. I think an SDK could bring some good things from people if it does indeed get handed to the community.

(Floris) #44

True that. Though I guess you don’t need many people to make something cool. Popular W:ET mods like ETPub and ETPro didn’t have that many devs working on it. I don’t think the community will have an easy time implementing stuff they requested but SD were unable to implement. People seem to underestimate the difficulty of working with a large legacy code base.

New maps from the community would be great. Even if they are far from the quality of the official maps. Playing blocked-out versions of DB’s maps was already entertaining enough.

(DarkangelUK) #45

If SD do indeed set it free with a crude SDK, it’d be great if they released any unfinished versions of maps for the community to complete, would give us some new maps quicker in the short term until new ones were worked on.

(ASD) #46

yes you can play DB without spending money
yes you can also spend alot of money for all this not needed cosmetics stuff

since some months you can spend money on servers - which I did for 3 months… I also invested alot of time to help sorth things out but nither multiplay nor SD was able to fix it. I stoped spending this money as I dont see any chance this will change ever!

this is obviously because of bad decisiens in the past as you can read from monti.

(B_Montiel) #47

You’re either dreaming or totally missing the point.

They even fucked up their business model heavily by miss-understanding their target.
Hard grinders had nothing to put their money on, the pricing of obsidian cards was totally obnoxious when they got initially released, and pretty much everyone got bored out with their business model after mid 2016. The price has never been right for every single item they put in this game (except merc bundles I guess). Cobalt cards while annoying to get if you’re looking for them, are in fact flooding the inventory of anyone who stayed more than 100 hours in this game.

So yes, it’s free, and they even failed at it. Exedore pretty much admitted they couldnot separate skin from loadouts because that’d make them lose a good part of their low income with this game.

Even though, while I’m quite the heavy whiner, I still play this game on an almost daily basis, when I possibly can, since 2014. If that’s not a proof I like their game… But yes, communication, has always seemed very one sided. On pretty much every single topic. So you play the game, which is the best way you can show your support, and you get… DB IS A FREE GAME.

(SM83 Power Operative ) #48

I’m going to play Quake Champions and Warhammer: Vermintide 2. If Dirty Bomb is given new life one day, send me a postcard. Toodles!

(Nail) #49

They got 9 million for movie/tv rights, I’d say they did well

remember, the business model is sell product

(mrdisco) #50

It seems they will hand the code to the community at early 2019.

I"m still have no idea if I will be able to host a Post-Mortem server in Brazil.

(Floris) #51

That screen capture gets posted so much that it’s becoming like a meme… No-one knows whether they will actually give the community anything, and even if, it’s not at all sure that it is the source code.

(mrdisco) #52

This is wishful thinking.

They will just drop support, say it’s impossible to handle the game to community and close shop. That’s that.

(Floris) #53

Or get sold to Microsoft as they are doing a lot of work for them and Microsoft is buying lots of studios this year :stuck_out_tongue:

(K1X455) #54

I worked in a government funded $450m project and communication is paramount to performance of duty of the very least earning employee. But that wasn’t the point. Steakholders have duty of care to inform everyone for the actions they take and have the obligation to state the reasons why such actions are taken for the sake of transparency. Everyone agrees that we could have achieved better results due to the slow output of milestones in development but that’s just because everyone else in their proper duty have influenced the decision of others in their undertaking of the actions performed. The ebb and flow of interaction is commendable and thus, delivering the end product in a much better state rather than keeping everything under strict budget.

(bgyoshi) #55

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt happened to Shoe!?

I hope he got a promotion or left on his own accord instead of anything considerably worse

(mrdisco) #56

He’s back on YouTube. He’s opening a company to make videos and whatnot.

I think he left because he’s not getting any younger. And there is no reason for him to stay. There’s a community alright but SD really don’t have much to say to us at this point.

Being a community manager for Splash Damage is the same as releasing medical reports for the press about the health of Fidel Castro: “He’s Dead”; “Yep… Still Dead”; “He’s deader than dead”, “Dead”.

(HadronZodiac) #57

Yep they have which is unfortunate, the support team too, im guessing they really want their news gears of war to do :ok_hand:t3:

(Mc1412013) #58

:fu::fu::fu:gears of war

(Floris) #59

Well, DB isn’t earning them much money, so their work on Gears probably kept the studio alive and supported the development of DB.