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I’m afraid not, as the original Terminal is no longer part of the game build. A lot of resources in Terminal Redux were modified from the original Terminal. Which means if we re-added “OBJ_Victoria”, AKA “Terminal Classic” in its current state, the map would be unusuable. In order to un-couple those resources and fix the original, we’d need to put in some not-unsignificant dev time.

I myself have fond memories of Terminal Classic, especially when you’d have one of those rare moments where as the defense, you were able to push back on the first objective and re-take the spawn beacon. Even if that victory only lasted for a few minutes!

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Sad, but understanda​:b:️le :frowning: Have a nice day!

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Can u guys atleast consider doing it as a side project during down time even if we didnt get it for while. small suprise updates would be be apreciated.

Come one u knownu guys still want to add to this game.

we know u got some one hiding in the broom closest working on db :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Not asking for huge things but rather small things when devs need that mental break for the big projects

Also @jemstar i know u looking for this thread too

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great! this is what we have waiting for since you gave us com. servers.

this seems to not work on stopwatch… correct?


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Wait we set obj to to longer than 15 min???

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I found i3d uses AdminPassword in their config while mulitplay did it with AdminLevel1Password
is this maybe the reason why bans didnt work in the past(with mulitplay)?
haven’t a reason to try a ban on my i3d server right now
ok also on i3d ban is NOT working … its only a kick until map end :frowning:

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I wasnt able to perma ban any one on multiplay servers either

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Can I prohibit players from using certain Mercs?

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Would be great if you include Ranked Post match screens

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Have tried the default Execution config but for some reason Market doesn’t come up as an option on map voting.

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@NotTrolling use this

“RotatingMaps”:[{“Map”: “EXE_Gallery”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”},{“Map”: “EXE_canal”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”},{“Map”: “EXE_Overground”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”}]

They put exe_market but its listed as exe_canal in the game files

@Maisy might wanna fix that in the default execution section of the post

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Thanks, forgot about that.

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I have a HomeLab setup in my apartment and I locally host servers for a few other games (counter-strike source servers, miscreated servers, etc. etc. etc.) Do you think it will ever be possible for us to locally host our own servers?


Whoops, that was my fault. I’ve updated the lists - Market should work now.

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Sry i have try to make a server (over i3D config) with both modes… if i have only one gamemode in my rotation i have no problems…
if i put one or more maps from the other mode in my rotationlist… we can only play objective!

yes we can see in our votelist execution… but after the lobby time the last objective map loading…

what can i do?

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Reboot server a few times theres a glitch with multi modes.

It happens on multiplay servers too for those of us who were lucky enough to get one before they stopped offering rentals

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how to setup stowatch server?
thank you

done :wink:


I have added a quick update and included the AllowQuickJoin setting to the Documentation, as per @Smooth’s post here:

I have also snuck it into the “Standard Configuration”. If you don’t want players discovering your server via Quick Join, you can set it to “false” or remove the line from your configuration.

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