Community Weekend and The Homecoming Tournament

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Hello ET:QW community! As some of you may remember, our beloved game was debuted at QuakeCon 2006. Due to Covid-19, this year’s event has been transformed into a socially-distanced experience, dubbed QuakeCon at Home, taking place online August 7th through 9th. Removing the hurdle for players to travel for the frag-fest introduces the opportunity for everyone from all across the world to take part in the livestreams, tournaments, giveaways, and fundraisers.

With that in mind, the guys who brought you the GG Tournament 2013 invite you to a weekend-long community event, bringing Quake Wars home with QuakeCon at Home! Come play all weekend long on persistent dedicated NA and EU servers while participating in the ongoing QuakeCon festivities.

For those of a more competitive spirit, join us for The Homecoming Tournament! This will be a 4v4 double-elimination bracket. Each match will follow the AB/BA stopwatch format where the time-setting team chooses the map and server. In the event of a tie (both teams successfully defend both maps), a 3rd map will be chosen by the winner of a coin flip, with the server chosen by the loser of the same coin flip.

Whether you’re playing in the tournament or not, drop in for some pub matches, pick-up games, and friendly scrims throughout the weekend. Servers can be found at

Don’t have the game installed? Don’t remember your password? Don’t worry! Visit the Getting In Game page and just follow the instructions to log in with an offline account and connect directly to the dedicated servers.

Who: You and 3 of your gaming buddies
What: The Homecoming Tournament
Where: Online, captains to agree upon match times (number of matches per day TBD until we know how many teams will play)
When: QuakeCon at Home, August 7-9
Why: Do you really need a reason?
How: Download the launcher and pick a server!

Once you’ve got a team, please sign up on the tournament site so we can start getting an estimate for bracket sizing, server support, and what kind of prizes can be offered! Otherwise, please respond here if you’re interested but need a team.

A MASSIVE thank you in advance to @ressected for preparing the servers! Join TAW every Tuesday/Sunday at 21:00 CEST and 9:00 PM EDT for more fun.

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I’m in +1

(T Dawg) #3


Trey “T-Dawg” Bushart here. I was the QuakeCon Tournament Director in 2007, where Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, still in beta at the time, was first featured as an official tournament. ET:QW and the Quad Damage Tournament made for quite an interesting year from a competitive standpoint, and I still hear people talk positively about it.

I still have a soft spot for ET:QW and I’m thrilled to see it return as part of QuakeCon at home this year.

Look forward to following this.

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Sign-ups are open now at! If anyone creative wants to design a splash banner, I’d be more than happy to feature it instead of the plain text. :slight_smile:

T-Dawg, thanks for the support! We might’ve run into each other at the 2008 tournament. If you’ve still got any contacts with the QuakeCon crew, we’d love to have this showcased as a BYOC tournament this year! I’ll be reaching out to cwizard soon.

(T Dawg) #5

I do have some inroads into this year’s event and have passed along the information.

A lot of this year is DIY and cross promotion, so who knows what will come of it, but it’s already gotten some discussion in a few Discord servers I’m part of.

(Gvardman) #6

Wow… I am in, will bring 3 guys with me :hushed:

(Gvardman) #7

Important question: I won’t be able to play on Friday, is it possible to play our matches on Saturday and Sunday?

P.S. FYI the website throws 500 error

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Yes, matches can be scheduled at any time throughout the weekend. If the website is preventing you from signing a team up, please e-mail your roster to Thanks!

(Pliscin-7) #9

ETQW Clanwar: Casualty vs Wu-Han Clan. Area 22 Round 1/2. (Fun scrim)

you guys already hyyyyyyyyyyped???

(Gvardman) #10

@_Wizard any news on the schedule?

(_Wizard_) #11

Pushing the bracket live now, just closed sign-ups