Character movements were pre-recorded in real life

(REA987) #1

So, I found another gem. It looks like infantry characters’ movements were pre-recorded during the development of the game. I am aware that recent games like FIFA utilize such methods but considering that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was Splash Damage’s first high profile retail game, it’s quite surprising to see such investment and dedication.

(Mustang) #2

Animation creation is a super interesting topic, I’m also amazed at the magic the audio guys pull.

(CaliberWorkz) #3

This man is the strogg’s god :joy: thank you for this amazing find.

(DarkangelUK) #4

I may be wrong but I’m sure all the mocap was stuff was done at SDHQ, that room was set up just for that game, possibly used for Brink as well?

(Nail) #5

I remember same, I think


(..hauser..) #6

Hey, we actually went over to Texas (ID) to record the mocap seen in the vid, thanks for the flashback :smile: .