Bring back ETQW to Steam

(Simonxz) #7

Rex,you forgot to quote “trolling” after 'wasting my time".I won’t accept that sarcarsm you’re putting up.Nobody emailed Bethesda about that?

(Nail) #8

not actually sure if it’s Bethesda or Activision, either way, they don’t care. They dropped support soon after launch and scrapped the forums (which were great) with no notice, I’m afraid you be SOL

(Rex) #9

Okay without sarcasm now: No, no one did. I will probably do, not to ask them to revive a long dead game but to ask if they could think about making a successor to ET or ETQW. Because that’s the only thing which would make sense to me.

(Snotling) #10

What’s going on with all those necromancers trying to revive QW these days? You guys just discovered the game or what?

(Rex) #11

Yeah, they haven’t played for 5 years, installed the game again and wondered why the servers are empty. :smiley:

(edxot) #12

oooops, wrong thread

(Simonxz) #13

Here’s a part of Bethesda’s answer to my question:
“Support for Quake Wars is provided by Activision support. Please contact them here
Damn,this license issue has got me crazy,Furthermore Activion’s support goes to their most played game,Quake wars not included. :frowning:

Good point.I’d appreciate if everyone can send this request to those who are interested in this project

(Mustang) #14

Well Activision just pass the buck back to id Software (Bethesda):

“We’ve been told that the game is now licensed by Id Software.” - Activision Assist


(Nail) #15

ask Carmack on his twitter feed

(Runeforce) #16

And ask him to release the source and assets under a free software respecting license, while you are at it.

(Nail) #17

he said he would, but that was before Bethesda

(Dragonji) #18

They could release ET:QW source code.

(cloudhalo) #19

Could someone explain to me what releasing the source code will accomplish? I don’t understand the reasoning behind it, and no this is not a troll post.
btw, I know I am going off topic here but someone posted some old pro matches or vods download link mostly for the NA comp scene. There was a website for just watching the vods but it was taken down, however there was a link to just download the vods which I cant seem to find who posted it. Any help?

(Nail) #20

releasing the source and assets would allow one of the many bright sparks here to rebuild the entire game with all the original assets

(Simonxz) #21

Can we start a petition or something similar to trying to have source code released?

(Dthy) #22

You can, but it won’t do anything.

(Runeforce) #23

Nope. You can’t. It’s against the law! :slight_smile:

Yeah, did not work for Doom 3. Still waiting for the source on that one!

/sarcasm off

(Nail) #24

(Runeforce) #25

Thanks for pointing it out, just in case someone missed my sarcasm, although I made it extra obvious. :slight_smile:

(Rex) #26

While I’m on it anyway, I can ask. :wink:

The release of the source code brings the opportunity to alter the game up to your own preferences. So it would be possible to release a new patch with several bug fixes for example or new more advanced mods etc.
Some people are motivated about making movies and others about coding. :wink: