Banned from own server

(ASD) #15

my ping is ok… something between 20 and 40 and the limit is with 100
yes it say kicked but later i cant join the server anymore and it shows what I’m banned.

i know bans in DB are somehow broken and last only for the map and are gone with the next map or server restart… the strange thin here… i also restarted bothtimes the server from the i3d website but the ban somehow survived this serverrestarts. so its something different then the “normal” ban…


(ASD) #16

today again :frowning: and this time before i had a chance to insert the admin pw

restarting the server does not help … i’m still banned
need again the laptop to free me…

(jemstar) #17

Yes we have a player that has been banned a few times yesterday and I had to unban for him to rejoin. If it happens again today I will get the logs from I3D.

(Frew) #18

Hi all! To confirm, i3D have reported this directly to the team at SD also. I’m going to look in to this. I’ll hopefully have some answers for you, however it’s not something I’ve seen before so it could take a little time to diagnose.

(Mc1412013) #19

@frew Good to see your in here been over 2 weeks no response to posts thought you guys finaly abandoned us for good

Also not sure if your aware but theres also a glitch where servers get stuck on the same map no matter what map u pick. This is different than the too many maps glitch

(ASD) #20

Hi Frew,

looking forward for your findinds!


(Frew) #21

@Mc1412013 To be fair that’s on me. I’ve been away on holiday and have had a lot to catch up on since my return.

Still investigating the banning issue. Having had a look through an affected owner’s server logs with a couple of members from the old Dirty Bomb team, I’ve identified a line which explains what I think may explain the ban.

ScriptLog: Banning player for 16 gametime sync violations.

Within the server code we have gameplay violation checks that exist to prevent players from attempting various dangerous (to the game) tasks. Things such as speed hacking, shooting through walls etc. Looks like for some reason the host in this case was being flagged and banned just after entering the lobby as a result of these checks.

Further investigation will happen but given this seems to be a flag being hit in the code, there’s not all that much I can do. I’ll also be following up with to double-check that it’s not something in their set-up causing these kicks.

What can you do? For now, please keep a recording of what time and how often this happens to you, and sync with me on the weekly, that would be a great help.

(Mustang) #22

Could it be due to server underprovisioning?

(K1X455) #23

Does this have anything to do with the Game Security Violated Error I keep getting when disconnecting from the server or Alt-Tabbing to Chrome?

(Mc1412013) #24

@frew i3d servers in general are problematic. I dont know if its them.or is its the server files but keep running into problems if i changes settings if i restart server. Servers are slow to reboot or take off line or bring online. Multi play servers work flawless in comparison. Dont think i ever had a multiplay issue

Every time i restart/make a change to my server map selection goes to sh#t and decides its lock to one map and sticks to that map even if u dont vote either that or goes to random maps and it can take a few reboots to clear the issue

Also.what does it have to take for some one to flip a switch for a double credits weekend in celebration of the holiday in n.a this weekend

(ASD) #25

since yesterday my server dont like me again? (i leave it untouched like this and informed i3d)
if you like you can try to join just to see if it also happens to you and maybe generate more logentries for i3d and SD to analyze.

just search for AuZ servers… you will find two of them… the level 50limit is the one from i3d an this is the one with the issue

thanks if you invest this 3 minutes!


(ASD) #26


is anyone of you have simmilar issues?
i3d told me now I’m the only one who have the issue and try to exlpain me my antivirus or firewall is making troubles with EAC

As of now you are the only one that reports these issues.
We currently suspect EAC being partially blocked on your system by either a firewall or an anti-virus solution.
If you use any of these, could you temporarily disable these to see if they are the culprit?


(K1X455) #27

If only I can make EAC run exclusively on the last core of my clunky quad core, DB would have exclusively run on the first core… but… it’s UE3 (albeit a heavily modded UE3).

I would suggest BattleEye, but then again it might not be coded to run on a specific core to actively check for hacks and cheats… plus the fact that it too has it’s quirks.

(ASD) #28


last selfban about 40 days ago… and no I changed nothing on my client but I did on the server
I3d told me I’m the only one who have this issue …
I will by time crosscheck if my change on the server is realy influencing the selfban trick or if the last 40 days was just luck


(quadalpha) #29

You’re not the only one! I just made a thread for the same problem before I saw your thread.

(ASD) #30

for me this is fixed by restarting the server everytime before i try to join

(quadalpha) #31

Thanks, I’ll try to remember this!

(ASD) #32

btw… around xmas i had some time and didnt restart the server and it baned me again… I3d has now implemented autorestart every day for my server… since then no more ban

(Mc1412013) #33

Why isnt the an option on control pannel for every one

(ASD) #34

i have no idea… multiplay had it