Anyone else playing VR?

(Raviolay) #1

Just would like to know what others (who have partook) think of it, what headset did you choose, and what games do play the most. Me it’s Pavlov VR and Duck Season on a HTC Vive.

(Mustang) #2

I found the quality of the screen/lenses to be too distracting for me to enjoy the experience, waiting for version 2.

(DarkangelUK) #3

I think my 970GTX is on the edge of giving a decent experience so I’m holding off. Once I get a nice new card and the next gen are out then I may take the plunge, but I definitely will at some point.

(Raviolay) #4

TBF if you use the 6mm foam pads that greatly improves the FOV on the Vive and limits the lens glare. That pimax 4k per eye still has SDE and doesn’t track your eyes to lower the rendering load.

For me the most distracting thing that can pull me out is when I look out of the sweet spot when playing Pavlov when looking down the sights…
I only got the vive for £500 with the audio strap and the newer 3 in 1 cable, wish I would of held off a week or two as you now get Fallout VR with a Vive. I could of knocked the seller down even more… I don’t think we will see a true gen 2 headset in 2018 although the knuckles controllers are a given.

(Raviolay) #5

I have my sons PC that’s in a mini itx case, I put it together with a R9 nano in it , it has about the same level of grunt as your card and plays the games fine. I “borrowed” it one weekend when we went to my aunts, you hardly notice the difference if I am honest.

(shibbyuk) #6

I’ve had an Oculus Rift since release and I like it a lot. Having said that, I’ve not used it that much recently - does that mean it’s a novelty? I’m on the fence about that.

For me, the fidelity is perfectly good enough and it runs everything fine with my 970GTX. You can configure the Rift to oversample, which gives you better image clarity but that really does hammer the GPU, for which I need to overclock.

There are some great experiences to be had - some of the best are Project Cars (with a wheel), Dead and Buried, Arizona Sunshine, archery games, Medium (3D sculpting). I’m still waiting for a really good RTS game, as I think that could be next level with the touch controllers.

(DarkangelUK) #7

The new Samsung VR headset due out in Nov actually has me interested, will see what the UK prices are like.

(Raviolay) #8

I think the Samsung VR may have lighthouse 2.0 so you can use more than 2.

(Runeforce) #9

I would recommend giving ‘Everspace’ and ‘SUPERHOT’ a go.

(shibbyuk) #10

Interesting, sounds like the display will be a step forward. I’m a little dubious about the tracking methods, but I guess time will tell.

(Sheeley) #11

Did you guys try that VRChat game? I finally got a rig that can run VR and I thought I’d try it out. That game is a trip. If you can call it a game, that is. They’re importing assets from other games from what I gathered.